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One week Cruise

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Interior stateroom + all inclusive 

Enjoy the charms of the Southern Caribbean islands, their colours and their nature are a cocktail of white sand beaches and sparkling blue waters. From exotic palm trees to panoramic mountain vistas and everything in between, a Southern Caribbean cruise vacation is filled with excitement and adventure. Your floating hotel will take you every day to another destination, on another magnificent Caribbean island. The colours, perfumes, nature and culture will make you dream about it long time afterwards.

Every morning you'll draw alongside a different island and you'll start a new day of discovery, organized in groups or by your own means. At the end of the afternoon, the cruise continues and you'll get ready for a new night aboard. There's no way to get bored during the navigation, every hour of the day activities are organized or you can rest after your busy day in your cabin or near the swimming pool in a comfortable deckchair.

Program day by day:

DAY 1: SAN JUAN - boarding in the evening

Puerto Rico is an island getaway between the Altantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that offers stunning beaches, uncompromising luxury, adventurous outdoor activities and flavour full nightlife.
Historic San Juan, founded by the Spanish in 1521, is now a modern world capital. Among the peaceful shaded courtyards and commanding colonial fortresses of El Morro and San Cristobal, you'll find a cosmopolitan city of wide boulevards, lively cafes, highly regarded galleries and designer boutiques. Some of the best museum can be found here; the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture; La Casa del Libro; and the Las Américas Museum. This is where the old world meets the new - and you can enjoy them both.

The beach at Isla Verde, which fronts the Atlantic Ocean, is just a five-minute cab ride from San Juan airport, and boasts a line of major hotels, a beautiful powder-white beach, crystal waters and easy access to Old San Juan and other cultural, dining, shopping and dancing attractions.
In 1898 Puerto Rico became a free associated state, member of the Commonwealth, which means that it is a self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States.


Saint Thomas, the best known of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is the most bustling due to passengers arriving almost daily on cruise ships and mega-yachts that steam into Charlotte Amalie harbour. Trade is a St. Thomas specialty dating back to 18th-century pirate days. Imported perfumes, cameras, watches, fine porcelain and crystal abound. There are plenty of postcard-perfect beaches like popular Magens Bay. Snorkel, scuba dive, fish offshore, or take a boat excursion. St. Thomas’ only golf course, Mahogany Run, is known for its challenging trio of cliffside holes called the Devil’s Triangle.

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Set halfway between Guadeloupe and Martinique, you'll find Dominica, the largest and most mountainous of the Windward Islands. 'Nature island', as they call it, abundant with rushing rivers, cascading waterfalls and lush rainforests, Dominica is a treasure chest of hidden natural wonders. Explore the beauty of this tropical paradise with a bike ride through the Layou River Valley, or a tour through the capital of Roseau. .
Geothermal activity results in colourful hot springs, bubbling mud pools, small geysers and Boiling Lake, the second largest lake of its kind in the world.
The offshore marine environment is equally fascinating, as healthy reefs and marine life, extraordinary formations and 100-foot visibility draw scuba divers. Dominica’s waters host 22 species of whales and dolphins, making it a prime whale-watching destination throughout the winter. Beaches are mostly black sand, with a few golden strands in the northeast.
This is one island that is sure to take your breath away!

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Barbados, high tea and cricket in the afternoons remains a tradition on this very British island, also called the "Little England" of the Caribbean. The Bajan landscape, with its breathtaking panoramas of oceans and valleys, and endless pink- and white-sand beaches, is one of the most majestic and romantic in the Southern Caribbean. 

Barbados offers luxurious hotels, inns and villas lining many idyllic beaches, but also a dense nature with hidden ancient plantation houses and caves linked up by underground rivers in the inner land.
Being a coral island, pushed out of the sea by volcanic activities a long, long time ago, Barbados is also an excellent place for scuba diving and snorkelling.


Lush green hills, black sand beaches, tranquil blue lagoons and pink melting sunsets. This rainbow of colours can only be found on the unspoiled tropical retreat that is St. Lucia. Visitors are always awed by the array of hues offered by nature. Of course, there's equal grandeur in its magnificent coastline and famous twin mountains known as the Pitons.
St. Lucia’s iconic Pitons – a pair of volcanic spires that vault upward from the Caribbean Sea – define one of the region’s most romantic destinations. Although most of St. Lucia’s resorts are found north of the capital Castries along the west coast where there are several white sand beaches, the unspoiled non-touristic south, where the island’s natural attractions are concentrated is worth the tour. The drive down the west coast to the town of Soufrière at the base of Petit Piton, the shorter and steeper of the twin pinnacles, is one of the most scenic in all the Caribbean.
Simply put, the island looks the way the Caribbean is supposed to look.

sunset 2


Antigua is one of the first tourist destinations in the Caribbean.
A very relaxed atmosphere, where reggae, carnaval and rum reign, is the first impression you get setting foot on this island.
English harbour is full of historical sites. The most famous is Nelson’s Dockyard, part of a national park and the only existing Georgian naval dockyard in the world, built in 1725 and once England’s most important naval outpost in the Caribbean. The dockyard comes alive in April with Antigua’s annual Sailing Week.
St. John’s, the island’s animated main town, is an excellent place to shop, eat and go out at night.



St. Kitts has kept all of its natural charm and is not spoiled yet by mass tourism. This thermal destination of the 19th century, with its coral reefs, rocky coasts and tropical forests, has turned today into a favourite destination for eco-tourists. Enjoy white sandy beaches or beautiful diving sites for scuba enthusiasts. Botanic gardens or Mount Liamuiga, the dead volcano of the island or the rainforest where bird-watchers will delight and where you can see the green vervet monkeys.
The capital, Basseterre, is one of the most beautiful towns of the Oriental Caribbean.

DAY 8: Back to SAN JUAN

On board activities:

The ship you'll be travelling on is like a village, with its atrium and fourteen floors. All the glass elevators and a magnificent dome under the sky offer an impressive view. Restaurants, bars, activities, there is always something to eat, drink or do. Some restaurants are open 24/24.
Kids have their own mini-club, the whole day long they can live unforgettable moments, while you can relax and enjoy your holiday.
At night disco, bars and casino open their doors, dance and sing performances take place every night in the atrium and the sunset on the superior deck is always a breathtaking event.


Enjoying a tropical humid climate, it is sunny the whole year round in the Caribbean. A paradise on earth where the temperature stays around 26° C influenced by an alize wind.

There are two seasons:
The dry season, from December until May.
The humid season, from June until November. This is the hurricane season with the highest risk in August and September.
Some of the islands enjoy a fresher climate with more humidity in the higher parts which explains the tropical rainforest vegetation comparable to Central America.
The average temperature of the Caribbean Sea is 27°C.

Flight time: ± 9 hours

Time difference: - 5 hours in Winter/ - 6 hours in Summer

Custom formalities
Stay less than 3 months: passport, valid until 6 months after the return date

Monetary Unit: 
American Dollar is accepted everywhere, even if some of the islands have their own local money, Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
100 USD = 62 GBP (05/12) 100 XCD = 23 GBP(05/12)
Cash dispensers: available in all big cities and on the boat.
Credit cards: are accepted in most of the hotels, shops and retaurants

-No specific contra-indications
-Always consult your doctor before leaving 

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