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Private tour - 21 days

From 2.000 £ p/p






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Rio de Janeiro - Iguaçu - Manaus - Salvador do Bahia

You've always wanted to know everything about the human and cultural richnesses of Brazil, its history and its beautiful landscapes? This complete trip is made for you!
During an individual tour of 21 days, you'll have the opportunity to visit cities, beaches and the most beautiful spots of the country, even of the world, like the Iguacu falls and the tropical rainforest of the Amazon.
Complete liberty in a private tour!!
Indeed, the great advantage of this trip is the semi-organized tour concept, this means that you're not travelling in a group, but all by yourself. Only during the transfers hotel - airport and during the mentioned excursions you'll have a chauffeur or a guide.
The rest of the time, you are free to do whatever you want!!

The program day by day:

Flight London – Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro
D1 to D6

Transfers airport/hotel
5 hotel nights in Copacabana
Excursions :
-Visit of the old town and the spot where the famous Rio Carnaval takes place (in February)
-Visit of the 'pan de Azucar' (Sugarhill)
-Visit of the 'Corcovado', the famous Christ statue 

National flight Rio - Iguaçu

Foz do Iguaçu
D6 to D10

transfers airport/hotel
4 hotel nights in Iguaçu
-Regular tour of the Brazilian shore
-Regular tour of the Argentinean shore




National flight Iguaçu - Manaus

D10 to D12

Transfers airport/hotel
2 nights in the Amazon Ecopark
-Crocodile hunting (during the night)
-Piranha fishing
-Visit of an authentical Indian village 

amazone bird

National flight Manaus – Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de Bahia
D12 to D15

Transfers airport/hotel
3 hotel nights in Salvador
-Regular tour of the town and its picturesque city center
-Solar do Unhão diner & show of the particular Salvador dances, like the Capoeira

National flight Salvador de Bahia - Rio

Rio de Janeiro
D15 to D20

Transfers airport/hotel

5 hotel nights in Copacabana
Free time to enjoy the most famous beaches of the world,
Copacabana and Ipanema, to visit the city
or to make an excursion along the coast
with beautiful islands and beaches like paradise.
Flight Rio – London

christ cordovado

In this price included
The international flights + national flights + all airport taxes
19 nights, double room, hotel superior category 3 or 4 stars
The visits and entrances of the sites and monuments mentioned in the program
The transfers by private car with an English speaking chauffeur-guide

NOT included in this price
Meals, drinks, personal expenses and tips


The hugeness of this country doesn't permit to name one particular season in which it is the best time to travel.
Two seasons predominate, the rain season (January to May) and the dry season (June to October).
In the North-East the climate is more temperate the whole year round (22 to 28 °C).
The inland is warm and very dry.
The Amazon is a hot humid region, where it rains a lot.
In the South, it gets pretty cold in Winter, it even snows sometimes and it can get under 0°C.
The seasons are the opposite of the European (Summer in Europe = Winter in Brazil)

Flight time: ± 10 hours.

Time difference: - 5 hours

Custom formalities
Stay less than 3 months: passport, valid until 6 months after the return date 

Monetary Unit: Real (BRL) - 100 BRL = 35 EUR (05-2009)
Cash dispensers: available in all big cities, but it's always handy to have some cash with you (dollars or euros).

Language: The official language is Portuguese. English is spoken in every touristic zone. 

-In some regions of Brazil, mostly in the Amazon, there is a malaria risk
-A vaccination against yellow fever is strongly recommended
-Always consult your doctor before you leave.

This is an example, you can adapt it to your own needs and wishes

To receive a free personalized quotation, send us your travel project 


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