23 - 07 - 2021

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Who are we?

Vacation-Organizer.com is a travel broker, organizing tailor-made trips around the world.
Our company has been created in 2007 to help travellers, who are fed up wasting time on the Internet, searching and comparing prices.

We search, you travel !!


Your ideal holiday quickly found!

Founded by by 3 professionals from different backgrounds of the travel industry, the main objective is to realize tailor-made trips that;

. perfectly match the expectations of the client
. are less expensive than in the 'classical' agencies'.

The company, independent and based in the Netherlands, employs a multilingual and multicultural team.
And as we are in direct contact with local service providers around the world, we can quickly meet any requirement and offer competitive rates.


The principle

Vacation-Organizer.com's main goal is to help travellers find their ideal trip.
Our international specialists do all the research for you and take care of all the preparations from A to Z.


. One single contact : A personal counselor is at your disposal from the start until the return back home

. The price :               A sure way to get the most favourable rate conditions

. Independence :       We seek among all travel providers - without having signed any prior agreements

. Free choice :           It is you who choose your dates, destination, means of transport etc.

. Transparency :        You'll know the exact price of each tripcomponent, dissociated from our commission


How to find the ideal trip ? It's easy, just follow these steps :

. Carefully fill out the form stating your travel plans

. Wait for the description and quotation of the trip found

. Make your choice and give your agreement for the organization by our consultants

. Wait for confirmation of your reservations


Your travel project

In the form we ask you to fill out (see free quote), you can stipulate all your requirements and give us any important information we should know concerning the trip you wish to make.

Once you've filled out and sent this form, our team will start to search amongst the best available offers of the moment.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible, and contact you by phone to get a better idea of your wishes.


The quotation

Once we've found the trip of your dreams, you'll receive an email stating that a detailed quotation with a complete description of your trip , the total amount and all the attached conditions is at your disposal on this website.
You can consult it directly on the site with your login in the menu 'my quotes'.

As soon as you've received the quotation, you take the necessary time to think about it, before giving your approval through this website.

Beware of the answer time limit, sometimes the found trip doesn't stay available very long.
If there is a special time limit to respect, this will be notified in your quotation.


The order

The confirmation of your quote is done through this website.

You give confirmation of your order by giving the authorisation for the payment of our services by means of Paypal (secured payment system)

Once the payment accepted, you'll receive the confirmation by email of your trip and the details of the organisation you'll be travelling with.

We will also give you a list of all the things you'll have to prepare before leaving, like taking care of vaccinations or demanding a visa.

Of course we'll stay at your disposal during the whole trip, if you'd have any questions or inquiries concerning your trip.



We only ask a commission for our services.
All reservations will be done in your name.
You'll pay the total of our services by means of Paypal (secured payment system).

Our price can vary depending on the price of the trip and its complexity.
(Commission between 5 and 20% with a minimum of 50 €)

Special Groups:
If you travel in a group of more then 9 persons, please contact us to learn about the terms.



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